Ø    The Cranberries cannot stand the authoritative and dictatorial character and personality and character of their manager Pearse Gilmore, so they break the contract with him and the case is to be solved at court. The case lasts 3 years and it is decided that there will be no talking to the press concerning the disagreements between him and the band.

Ø    Dolores is ill and loses weight because of depression and stress concerning the band: "I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't even get out of bed anymore. I discovered that life's not a sweet trip at all. It seemed to me to be the biggest farce. All I ever wanted to do was write songs and be a singer without being hurt by the industry." –Dolores

Ø    When Dolores is back on her feet again, the band realizes they still need a manager, so Geoff Travis from Rough Trade accepts to work with them.

Ø      The band starts working on the debut album at Windmill Lane Studios in London, with Stephen Street as the producer.

Ø      A new UK tour takes place.

Ø    October: "Dreams" is released as a single and only reaches #74 in the UK. However, the magazine “Melody Maker” praises it and becomes “Single of the Week”.

Ø      November: The Cranberries are the supporting act for Mercury Rev and House of Love.

Ø      December: The Cranberries performed at a Christmas gig in Limerick.



Ø      January: “Linger” is released in the UK, but fails to go beyond #74

Ø    February 22th: The album “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” is released but unfortunately flopped for it entered the UK album chart at #78, selling only 12,000 copies (later on it goes to UK’s #1 and Billboard’s #3 of the album charts...it is estimated to have sold 11 million copies worldwide to date; platinum in Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan, 2x in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, 4x in the US and Ireland)!

The album includes the following songs:

                                                                                  1. I Still Do

                                                                                                              2. Dreams

                                                                                                              3. Sunday

                                                                                                              4. Pretty

                                                                                                              5. Waltzing Back

                                                                                                              6. Not Sorry

                                                                                                              7. Linger

                                                                                                              8. Wanted

                                                                                                              9. Still Can’t...

                                                                                                           10. I Will Always

                                                                                                            11. How

                                                                                                           12. Put Me Down

Ø      April: The band tours with Mike Oldfield.

Ø      May: The band tours with Hothouse Flowers.

Ø    June: The band makes its debut to America by supporting the band The The. Touring does good to the band, which sees the album eventually climbing up the charts.

Ø     “Dreams” is re-released and enters Billboard’s #42, #15 in Billboard’s Modern Rock chart and the band films the video for “Linger”, which is the forthcoming single. The song "Dreams" is voted one of the best singles of the year by the music magazine "Spin" and holds the #2 spot in the list, while in the #1 is Beck's "Loser".

Ø    The album sales increase and the band tours with Suede in the US and receive warm and enthusiastic comments for their live performances.

Ø    October: “Linger” is re-released and enters Billboard’s Top-30, while the album is in the Top-40. The single peaks at #8 and #4 in Billboard’s Modern Rock chart.

Ø    December: “Linger” is certified platinum with more than 1 million copies sold in the US alone and return to the studio to record some songs the band had written in the US tour such as “Zombie”, “I can’t be with you” and “Ode to my family”.



Ø    January 14th: The Cranberries perform at the sold-out concert at London Astoria II and film the concert for the release of a videotape called “The Cranberries: Live”. “Linger” is re-released in the UK and goes to #14 of the singles chart, selling over a million copies and becoming triple platinum.

1992-140.jpg (72105 bytes)

Ø     “Dreams” is re-released both in the US and the UK, reaching #42 in the US and #27 in the UK, despite the mediocre reviews by the UK critics.

Ø    March: The Cranberries’ debut album is re-released and this time entered the #1 spot in the UK album chart. The album sells 6 million copies worldwide and stays at the Billboard chart for over two years! Dolores hurts her right knee badly after having an accident while skiing in the Swiss Alps. The same month the band wins in the UK the Music Week’s award for the “Top International act”.

Ø     July 18th: Dolores marries Don Burton, the former Duran Duran tour manager. They dated for only 10 days and Dolores is the one who asks him to marry her because she thinks she found her soulmate. They get married in Holy Cross Abbey in Tipperary, but her marriage arouses bad comments and controversy concerning the institution of marriage, because Dolores got married in her knickers shoes and Don rides a horse in the town to reach his beloved! Her father’s reaction is the following: "That's beautiful, but where's the dress?" The ceremony hosts over 200 guests. Later Dolores and her husband buy a house in a purely gaelic area.

Ø    August: The Cranberries participate in Woodstock II and perform “Zombie” and “Dreams”. The band performs at New York’s Central Park Open Air Theatre, filled with 7,000 people!

Ø    September 12th: “Zombie”is released as the first single from the second album and becomes a huge hit! It reaches the #1 spot in Billboard’s Modern Rock chart and is claimed to be the most played song on the radio, however, there is a limited release of the single in the US. (In 1995 The song is also awarded by MTV as “The Best Single Of 1994”)The single becomes a UK Top-20 hit, despite the theme of the song about the struggle in Northern Ireland and the tough, political lyrics. Dolores is inspired from a TV clip she saw where an IRA bomb killed two children in England and her anger, bitterness about the inhumanity, indifference and tragedy of this event makes her write the song: "It's not actually about the north of Ireland, it's about a child who died in England because of the situation in the north”. The song was voted by the readers of the music magazine "Mojo" at the #59 spot of the Top-100 list of the greatest songs of the 90's! 

Ø    September 27th: The album “No Need To Argue” is released and becomes the band’s best selling album-in the US it sells 1,500,00 copies within 6 weeks and 5,000,000 within six months! The album has sold over 15 million copies to date, goes to UK’s #1 and Billboard’s #6!The album has been certified 2x platinum in Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Phillippines, Sweden, 3x in Denmark, Italy, Singapore, Spain and the UK, 4x in France and Indonesia, 5x in Ireland and Malaysia, 6x in Canada, 7x in the US and Australia, and 8x in New Zealand!

The album includes the following tracks:

1. Ode to My Family

2. I Can't Be With You

3. Twenty One

4. Zombie

5. Empty

6. Everything I Said

7. The Icicle Melts

8. Disappointment

9. Ridiculous Thoughts

10. Dreaming My Dreams

11. Yeat's Grave

12. Daffodil Lament

13. No Need to Argue


Ø    “Ode To My Family” single is released on November 15th as the follow up to “Zombie” and becomes a hit! December: The “No Need To Argue” tour begins with sold out shows in the UK and US, including a concert in Mexico City which is sold out within days! 

Ø      IRMA Award: Best New Irish Band

Ø      Music Week Award: Best Band

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