Ø      1995 sees the release of two more singles off the album, “I Can’t Be With You” (February 21th) and “Ridiculous Thoughts” (July 31th), who add two more hits in the band’s career. Moreover, the multimedia CD-Rom "Doors and Windows" is released and contains:

1. Cranberries Multimedia Presentation

2. Dreams

3. So Cold in Ireland

4. Away

5. I Don't Need

6. Zombie versions

(Demo Edit)

(Live Acoustic Edit)

(Live Edit)

Ø      The band tours Europe with big success and good reviews for their live performances. The good and electric performances of the band help “No Need To Argue” album climbed at #2 in the UK album charts, R.E.M.’s “Monster” holds the #1 spot.  

Ø      February: the recording of MTV Unplugged, with the band introducing 3 new songs-“Free To Decide”, “I’m Still Remembering” and “Yesterday’s Gone”. The first two appear later in 1996 album “To The Faithful Departed”, whereas, “Yesterday’s Gone” never appears in any album.

In MTV unplugged the band performs the following songs:

                                                                                                         1.         Dreaming My Dreams

                                                                                                        2.         Ode To My Family

                                                                                                        3.         Linger

                                                                                                        4.         Free To Decide

                                                                                                        5.         I’m Still Remembering

                                                                                                        6.         Empty

                                                                                                        7.         Zombie

                                                                                                        8.         Yesterday’s Gone

                                                                                                        9.         No Need To Argue


Ø      March: “No Need To Argue” is certified 5x platinum in Australia and 4x platinum in New Zealand. Moreover, Dolores appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and Madonna admits she is a Cranberries fan.  

Ø      Rumours about Dolores going solo start to spread throughout the world but this is what Dolores says: "I wouldn't like to be a soloist. It's bad for people to be on their own because they get very selfish".

Ø      May 15th: the band has to perform live at the Sylvan Theatre in Washington Mall, DC, for the radio station WHFS. The station expects about 3,000 people but plans fall off because there are actually more than 15,000 people waiting for Cranberries to play live! The band begins with “Linger”, but by the second song “Dreaming My Dreams”, the gig is cancelled due to lack of security...what is more, Dolores’ red guitar is stolen! The band leaves with their bus, which is rocked by the angry crowd, but without any serious damages.

Ø      The band is estimated to have performed live in front of over half a million people during the entire tour. Japan, New Zealand and Australia prove their love for Cranberries with sold-out performances!

Ø      A horrible techno version of “Zombie” is released in the UK by a band called ADAM feat. Amy and entered the Top-20, an event that surprises the band.

Ø      August: the tour ends in North America with 10,000-20,000 people each night! Luciano Pavarotti invites Dolores to perform live in Modena, Italy, for the War Child organization to raise money for the children in ex-Yugoslavia. Princess Diana is also there, and Dolores sings together with Pavarotti the traditional hymn “Ave Maria” and later on, the lead singer of Duran Duran, Simon LeBon, reveals to Dolores that he knows the lyrics of “Linger”, so they sing it together! Dolores also admits she was a Duran Duran fan during her teen years.

Ø      November: The band starts recording the songs for the follow-up album and they end the album within 5 weeks!

Ø      Music & Media (UK): #1 Album Act, Music & Media (UK): #1 Top Selling Act.

Ø      MTV European Music Awards: Best Song (Zombie)...the band also performs the song live and at the last part of the song Dolores says: “This song was written for peace in our world, for a peaceful future, peace in Bosnia!”



Ø      February: The new album is ready for release under the title “What You’re Looking At”, but then the band chooses another title that best fits the “spirit” of the album which is absence and death...so the album is finally entitled “To The Faithful Departed”.

Ø      April 8th: The first single preceding the album is released and is called “Salvation”. It is a song about the problem that kids have concerning drugs, and the song invites all those people who have a drug problem to “inject your soul with liberty-it’s free, it’s free”...the single manages to have a great radio airplay and enters the UK Top-20 in the singles chart.

Ø      March 10th: the band receives the award for “Best Selling Album” concerning “No Need To Argue” at Canada’s Juno Awards.

Ø      April 29th: the new album “To The Faithful Departed” is released and is followed by more bad reviews than good ones. Critics seem to either hate it or love it, there’s no in between. However, the album within six weeks peaked at #4 in UK’s album chart and #13 in the US, the album sells over 9 million copies, a disappointing number after the previous album’s 14-15 million copies sold.

The songs off the album are:

                                                                                                                1.  Hollywood

                                                                                                               2.  Salvation

                                                                                                               3.  When You’re Gone

                                                                                                               4.  Free To Decide

                                                                                                               5.  War Child

                                                                                                               6.  Forever Yellow Skies

                                                                                                               7.  The Rebels

                                                                                                               8.  Intermission

                                                                                                               9.  I Just Shot John Lennon

                                                                                                           10.  Electric Blue

                                                                                                            11.  I’m Still Remembering

                                                                                                           12.  Will You Remember?

                                                                                                           13.  Joe

                                                                                                           14.  Cordell

                                                                                                           15.  The Picture I View

                                                                                                           16.  Bosnia  

Ø      Dolores on the album (taken from the CD booklet): “This album is dedicated to all those who have gone before us. Nobody knows exactly where these people are but I know we would like to believe it is a better place. I believe it is a Human impossibility to obtain complete peace of mind in this dimension, there’s too much suffering and pain-particularly for children...To the faithful departed and those left behind there is a light that never dies”

Ø      "I listen to 'Faithful Departed' the odd time," says Fergal. "It reminds me of such a horrible time, but it's a great record and there's some beautiful songs on there. It captures a moment, a side of us that we probably wouldn't ever like to see again, but it's there, on the record"

Ø      Dolores’ problem with her knee comes to surface again and doctors advise her to inevitably cancel some concerts, part of the “Free To Decide Tour”(a tour that begins April 30th in Phillippines and ends September 9th in New Jersey).


Ø      July 8th : Noel marries his long time girlfriend Catherine Nash in Ireland, and later he opens his own restaurant in Limerick called “Portlys”.

Ø      “Free To Decide” and “When You’re Gone” are released as singles and become a success especially in Europe. In the US the two songs are included in one single called “Free To Decide-When You’re Gone”, but fails to impress and make it to the charts.

Ø      More concerts are cancelled due to Dolores’ injury, plus the exhaustion, stress and physical as well as psychological frustration, because of the cancellations. The band is in big trouble and they even discuss of breaking up. "It was the best thing we ever did," says Dolores.

    "It was mental, " says Noel. "We've said it to ourselves, that if we'd gone through with that whole tour, and not taken the break, we'd probably have finished the tour, and split up. By that time it was almost seven years straight non-stop."

"It's like the old cliché," Dolores says. "A kid wants to become a rock star, so they become one, they become famous, and rich, beyond their wildest dreams. And then what does this famous rock star do? They whine their ass off in public, about their new life and the pressures and the strains. And that's just what we did. And of course everyone slated us for it ? and we probably deserved it ? but we were just being honest about how we felt at that time."

Ø      Rumours also speak of Dolores’ having anorexia problems. "We had no life," says Noel, looking back on what he feels was the worst period of the Cranberries career. "The band was our life. We just lived to do the band. And that's really no way for anyone to live. No matter what you do, you need a break from it at times. We just didn't want to be on that tour, from the very start." "It was unfair to the fans", Mike adds. "We didn't put in our full effort. We were pissed off in the dressing rooms."

Ø      The band appears in MTV’s Video Music Awards, where they are nominated for Best Art Direction in a Video for “Salvation” and they perform live that song.  

Ø      By the end of year and after a trip to Caribbean islands, Dolores records solo, without the band, the song “God Be With You” for the soundtrack of “The Devil’s Own”, starring Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt. This fact reinforces the rumours about splitting up, but this isn’t so because Dolores is inspired by the trailer of the movie sent to her, so she creates that beautiful song about Ireland.


Ø      The band decides to do a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Go Your Own Way” for the Fleetwood Mac tribute album which is released the following year, entitled “Fleetwood Mac: A Tribute To Rumours”.

Ø      The single for “Hollywood” is released only in France.  

Ø      April 16th : Fergal marries his long time girlfriend Laurie Guerin in Limerick, Ireland.  

Ø      The band bit by bit writes and composes new songs for the fourth album, Dolores gets pregnant, and new songs such as “Shattered”, “Desperate Andy” and “Copycat” are created.

Ø      The band receives threatening e-mails by a fan from Germany, who wanted to get involved in Dolores’ family. The man gets arrested and he goes in prison.

Ø      November 23rd: Dolores gives birth to Taylor Baxter Burton, who is an inspiration for creativity according to Dolores and this is evident in the fourth album (like “You And Me” in “Bury The Hatchet” album released in 1999).

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