Ø      Dolores returns to Dublin and the band starts again recording some new tracks for a new album. A song called “What’s On My Mind” (which later appears in 1999’s “Bury The Hatchet”) is to be included in the “X-Files” soundtrack, but it finally doesn’t.

Ø      May: The band performs live at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. The decision of the Nobel committee to invite Cranberries, receives censorship in the media, because they are a modern band and they ruin the traditional vibe of the ceremony; moreover, media accuse the committee of reinforcing the conflict that takes place in Northern Ireland, between Catholics and Protestants.

Ø      July 6th: After 9 years of relationship, Mike marries Siobhan O’ Connor in Limerick, Ireland.

Ø      November: Dolores and Fergal fly to Milan, Italy to present the award for “Best Song” in MTV’s Europe Music Awards. They present the award with two members from Skunk Anansie.

Ø      December 12th: The band performs two songs in Norway, “Dreams” and the forthcoming new single “Promises” (this is actually the first title of the coming album, but it is then replaced by “Bury The Hatchet”).

Ø      The soundtrack of the film “You’ve Got Mail”, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, is released, including the song “Dreams”.



  Ø  April 5th: The single “Promises” is released worldwide, but not in the US, and enters the Top-20 of UK’s singles chart    (#13). "Loud and Clear World Tour" is planned. "It was great to be back on the road," says Mike. "It felt right. Everyone was getting on well. Plenty of good times on the tour."

"The structure of the tour was the key", says Fergal "It wasn't one long journey. We'd play for a few weeks in one territory and then take a break for a few more weeks to go back home and be normal again. Then we'd get back on the road for another few weeks. It felt really good that way".

Ø      April 19th: “Bury The Hatchet” is released, and becomes a worldwide hit, selling 2 million copies in its first-month release. “CD NOW” reports that the album makes amazing sales via the internet and becomes the best-selling album over the net. The sales are so high that Billboard magazine creates a new chart based on internet sales and the album goes straight to #1. The reviews are not again flattering, but not entirely bad, or good. But, sales speak for themselves and fans seem not to care about the critics. Europe and Canada seems to be overwhelmed by the album, and peaks at #1 spot in many countries like Spain, France, Holland, Italy and Greece, but fails to impress America, where it goes to #13 during the first week and then peaks at #7. In the UK peaks at #4. Dolores seems to be annoyed by the poor and indifferent promotion of the album in the States and says:

-"Oh Dolores, I just love your music, but when are you coming out with a new album?" 

-"We have a new album... it's out now."

The tracklist for the new album is the following:

                                                                                                            1.     Animal Instinct

                                                                                                          2.     Loud And Clear

                                                                                                          3.     Promises

                                                                                                          4.     You And Me

                                                                                                          5.     Just My Imagination

                                                                                                          6.     Shattered

                                                                                                          7.     Desperate Andy

                                                                                                          8.     Saving Grace

                                                                                                          9.     Copycat

                                                                                                       10.     What’s On My Mind

                                                                                                        11.     Delilah

                                                                                                       12.     Fee Fi Fo

                                                                                                       13.     Dying In The Sun

                                                                                                       14.     Sorry Son  

           After the release of the album the band starts on April 12th the "Loud and Clear World Tour" which includes the following songs...(the tracklist is not always standard, the following is the setlist for the concert in Greece on July 1st, 2000 in Athens)


Loud and Clear



Ode to My Family

Dying in the Sun

When You're Gone

Desperate Andy

I Just Shot John Lennon

Ridiculous Thoughts

I Can't Be with you


Waltzing Back

Free to Decide




Animal Instinct



(In other concerts You and Me, as well as, Just My Imagination, are performed)

Ø      "It was just brilliant to be back," says Fergal. "And to be feeling so good and so on top of things". "Every song off every album is a different memory, a different time," Noel adds. "But none of the memories are too bad. If they were that bad, I think we would have split up. Even though we've hit rock bottom and were pretty miserable and everything, we all came back for more. And there must be a reason for that." 

Ø      “Animal Instinct” (released July 5th) is the second single, dealing with the strong bond between mother and child, followed by “Just My Imagination” (released in August). In both songs, one can notice the sweetness in Dolores’ voice, music and lyrics, something that has to do with motherhood and how it changes ones personality and way of viewing life.

Ø      December 9th: The band makes an unforgettable gig in Paris, France, which is recorded and later released in VHS and DVD format under the title “Beneath The Skin: Live In Paris”. The same month Noel becomes a father as Catherine gives birth to a beautiful girl named Rachel.

The DVD icludes the following songs:

1. Promises

2. Animal Instinct

3. Loud and Clear

4. Ode to My Family

5. The Icicle Melts

6. Linger

7. Wanted

8. Salvation

9. Desperate Andy

10. Go Your Own Way

11. Pretty

12. When You're Gone

13. I Can't Be With You

14. Waltzing Back

15. Free to Decide

16. Zombie

17. Ridiculous Thoughts

18. Dying in the Sun

19. You and Me

20. Just My Imagination

21. Delilah

22. Dreams

It also includes the videos for "Promises", "Animal Instinct" and "Just My Imagination"

Ø      In Ireland alone, the new album sells more than 3 million copies and more than 10 million worldwide!

Ø      In conclusion, the album tops the charts of 17 countries and the shows continue to be a big hit!


Ø      March: Laurie gives birth to a boy called Jacob and Fergal is the most happy father!

Ø      “Bury The Hatchet: The Complete Sessions”, a double album including B side tracks and live performances from The Cranberries’ concert in Paris, is released on April 19th.

The tracks of the second CD are:

      1. Baby Blues
2. The Sweetest Thing
3. Woman Without Pride
4. Such A Shame
5. Paparazzi On Mopeds
6. Promises (Live)
7. Animal Instict (Live)
8. Loud And Clear (Live)
9. You And Me (Live)
10. Shattered (Live)
11. Desperate Andy(Live)
12. Delilah (Live)

Ø    The band starts completing some new songs at Windmill Lane studios in Dublin, the place where they also recorded "To the Faithful Departed", and marked the weakest point and years in the band's life. But the scars seem to have been healed since then!Sales don't reflect how good a record is really. When we finish an album we know ourselves whether it's good or not. Apart from that, what sells an album could be about what people are listening to, fashions, trends, and what kind of people are working in your record company at the time. It all plays a big role."

Ø      “You And Me”, the fourth and last single off the album is released. The song is biographical and states the innocence and purity that characterizes the relationship and strong bond between mother and child. Dolores makes it clear via lyrics such as “You revealed a world to me and I would never be/ Dwelling in such happiness, your gift of purity”, showing a sweeter and more bright side of life than the darkness and feelings of loneliness revealed in the previous albums.

Ø     “Loud And Clear World Tour” (which begins 1999-April 12th in London and ends in 2000 July 24th, Lyon, France)is a success and the band finds itself playing in 6 continents, performing 110 concerts for over a million fans around the world. ".... O' Riordan sang the melancholic 'Dying in the Sun'- it was a moment of intense vulnerability that left you pining for more” (Hollywood Reporter on final US date).

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