21 facts about

1. In October 1992 the album “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” is released for the first time, before its official release in February 1993. What follows is a list from the Official Cranberries Website, concerning the album sales until November 2002:


NO NEED TO ARGUE    16,700,000


BURY THE HATCHET   3,300,000


STARS: THE BEST OF 1992-2002   1,100,000

Overall: 36,200,000 album sales!


2. The songs “Nothing Left At All”, “Reason”, “Them”, “Chrome Paint”, “A Fast One”, “Away”, “Uncertain”, “I Will Always”, “Disappointment” are thought to have never been performed live by the band

3. Cranberries and TV:

A. They appeared live in the second season of the famous TV series "Charmed" (starring Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs); the band performed "Promises" and "Just my  imagination"! Plot of the series: Three sisters discover they have supernatural witch powers that they must use to fight evil.

B. In the pilot of the famous TV series "Alias" (starring Jennifer Garner), the song "Never grow old", the first track from "Wake up and smell the coffee" album, was heard from the stereo of the leading actress and after a while she increased the volume so that it can be louder! "Alias" has won 2 Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe! Plot of the series: Sydney Bristow is an international spy recruited out of college and trained for espionage and self-defense.

4. The following are the first titles the band gave to the songs of “To The Faithful Departed”:

Not Hollywood (Hollywood)

Salvation Song (Salvation)

When You're gone

Free to Decide

War Child

Yellow Skies (Forever Yellow Skies)

John Lennon Died (I Just Shot John Lennon)

Electric Blue

I'm Still Remembering


Yesterday's Gone (a song which never appeared in the album, it is only performed live in MTV Unplugged-1995)

5. The band’s favorite movies are: The Mission, Trainspotting, Se7en, Dracula, Taxi Driver, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Jacob’s Ladder, James Bond movies; the band’s favorite snacks are: cornflakes, nachos and popcorn  

6. Cranberries and Charts in the US/UK:


1993-Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? US #18, UK #64, Billboard Heatseekers #4

1994-Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? UK #1

1994-No Need to Argue UK #2

1995-No Need to Argue US #6

1996-To the Faithful Departed US #4, UK #2

1999-Bury the Hatchet US #13, UK #4, Billboard Top Canadian Albums #1, Billboard Top Internet Albums #1

2001-Wake Up and Smell the Coffee US #46, UK #61, Billboard Top Canadian Albums #8

2002-Stars: The Best of 1992-2002 UK #20


1992-Dreams UK #74

1993-Dreams Billboard Modern Rock Tracks #15

1993-Linger UK #74, Billboard Modern Rock Tracks #4

1994-Linger US #8, UK #14, Billboard Adult Contemporary #18, Billboard Top-40 Mainstream #7

1994-Dreams US #42, UK #27, Billboard Top-40 Mainstream #33

1994-Zombie UK #14, Billboard Modern Rock Tracks #1, Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks #32 (in 1995), Billboard Top-40 Mainstream #18 (in 1995)

1994-Ode to My Family UK #26, Billboard Modern Rock Tracks #11 (in 1995), Billboard Top-40 Mainstream #35 (in 1995)

1995-I Can't Be With You UK #23

1995-Ridiculous Thoughts UK #20, Billboard Modern Rock Tracks #14

1996-Salvation UK #13, Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks #25, Billboard Modern Rock Tracks #1, Billboard Top-40 Mainstream #33

1996-Free to Decide UK #33, Billboard Modern Rock Tracks #8, Billboard Top-40 Mainstream #16, Billboard Adult Top-40 #23

1997-Free to Decide/When You're Gone US #22

1997-When You're Gone Billboard Canadian Singles Chart #9, Billboard Top-40 Mainstream #27

1999-Promises UK #13, Billboard Modern Rock Tracks #12, Billboard Canadian Singles Chart #6

1999-Animal Instinct UK #54

2001-Analyse UK #89, Billboard Adult Top-40 #26

7. This is how the title of the band’s debut album came out: Dolores was frustrated and disappointed by the critics of the band’s first EP “Uncertain” and the new album by Pearse Gilmore was about to become devastating for the band. So, one night she goes to see a concert by local groups and looking to all these talented groups she said to her boyfriend: “Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we?”...

8. The full title of the song “Still Can’t...” from “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” is “Still Can’t Recognize The Way I Feel”  

9. Cranberries and Soundtracks:

  1. “Ready to Wear (Pret-a-Porter)”(starring Sophia Loren, Kim Basinger, Marcello Mastoianni)-Pretty (remix) *1995
  2. “Empire Records” (starring Liv Tyler, Renee Zellweger)-Liar *1995
  3. “Boys On the Side” (starring Whoopi Goldberg, Mary-Louise Parker, Drew Barrymore, Matthew McConaughey)-Dreams *1995
  4. “Mission Impossible” (starring Tom Cruise)-Dreams *1996
  5. “The Devil’s Own” (starring Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt)-God be with you (only Dolores O’Riordan) *1997
  6. “You’ve Got Mail” (starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan)-Dreams *1998
  7. “Clockstoppers” (starring Jesse Bradford, French Stewart)-Time  is ticking out *2002

v     Note that the song “DREAMS” appears in 3 out of the 7 soundtracks!

10. Here is a list of all the video clips the band has made through the years:

Dreams (old version)
Dreams (new version) (there are totally 3 versions for "Dreams")
Ode To My Family
I Can't Be With You
Ridiculous Thoughts (in this video stars famous actor Elijah Wood)
Free To Decide
When You're Gone
Animal Instinct
Just My Imagination
You and Me
Time Is Ticking Out
This Is The Day

***Note that "Hollywood" is the only single that there was no video for it!

11. The first gig with "Cranberry Saw Us" with lead singer Niall Quinn took place on September 18th, 1989 at Flag Cafe in Limerick, Ireland!

12. The demo of "Nothing Left At All" in 1990, sold 300 copies!

13. The first title for the song "No Need to Argue" was "Special"

14. The name of the clown that appears in "Salvation" video is Mickey!

15. The video "Linger" was inspired by the 1965 sci-fi movie "Alphaville"!

16. The video for "Ode to My Family" was filmed in the assistant director's pub called "Blazes"

17. The oldest-written song in "Wake Up & Smell the Coffee" is "Dying Inside" which was written during the "No Need to Argue Tour-1994-95"

18. While filming the video for "Zombie" in Belfast, Ireland, the director Samuel Bayer told the police they were filming a documentary so they could let him continue with the video!

19. Here is a listing of all the band’s songs in alphabetical order:


A fast one


Animal instinct

Ave Maria

Away (two different songs have had this name)

Baby blues


Cape town (Info taken from http://www.zombieguide.com: The song was written about the band's first trip to Cape Town, South Africa, in the summer of 2000. It was originally tentatively titled "Down in Capetown" and was the first revealed title from the "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" sessions)


Carry on

Chocolate Brown

Crome paint

(They long to be) Close to you




Daffodil lament


Desperate Andy


Do you know

Dreaming my dreams


Dying inside

Dying in the sun



Electric blue


Everything I said

Every morning


Fee fi fo

Forever yellow skies

Free to decide

Go your own way

God be with you


Hollywood (still called Not Hollywood in concert)

Hot dog Neddy


I can't be with you

I don't need

I just shot John Lennon

I really hope

I still do

I will always

I'm still remembering

In the ghetto



Just my imagination




Like you used to


Loud and clear

Many days

Never grow old

New New York

No need to argue (originally called Special)

Not sorry

Nothing left at all

Ode to my family

Paparazzi on mopeds

Pathetic senses


Pretty eyes


Put me down


Ridiculous thoughts




Saving grace


So cold in Ireland

Sorry son


Still can't...(recognize the way I feel)

Such a shame

Such a waste


Take my soul away

The concept

The icicle melts

The picture I view

The rebels

The sun does rise

The sweetest thing


This is the day

Time is ticking out

Twenty one




Wake up and smell the coffee

Waltzing back


War child


What you were

What's on my mind

When you're gone

Will you remember?

Woman without pride

Yeat's grave

Yesterday's gone

You and me


20. What follows is a list with B’ Side, rare and unreleased songs by the band:

  1. Watercircle (Watercircle Demo-1990)
  2. Chrome Paint (Info taken from http://www.zombieguide.com: Early demo track written shortly after Dolores joined the band. The title is "Crown Paint" (as seen on the band's handwritten setlist for their first gig), but a local paper mistakenly called it "Chrome Paint", a title which has since stuck with it among fans. It was probably named for a popular brand of paint (picture) in Ireland and the UK as a joke, much like the tongue-in-cheek nature of many of their early songtitles- Watercircle Demo-1990)
  3. A Fast One (A New One) (Watercircle Demo-1990)
  4. Nothing Left At All (Demo-1990)
  5. Gringo, Hot Dog Neddy (Performed live in the band's first gigs around 1990-1991-never released)
  6. Uncertain (“Uncertain” EP-1991)
  7. Nothing Left At All (“Uncertain” EP-1991)
  8. Pathetic Senses (“Uncertain” EP-1991)
  9. Them (“Uncertain” EP-1991)
  10. Take My Soul Away (Shine Down) (“Uncertain” EP-1991)
  11. Like You Used To (“Uncertain” EP-1991)
  12. False (“Uncertain” EP-1991)
  13. The Sun Does Rise (“Uncertain” EP-1991)
  14. What You Were (“Dreams” single-1992)
  15. Liar (“Dreams” single-1992) NOTE: also included in the soundtrack of “Empire Records”-1995
  16. Reason (“Linger” single-1993)
  17. Away (“Zombie” single-1994)
  18. I Don’t Need (“Zombie” single-1994)
  19. So Cold In Ireland (“Ode To My Family” single-1994)
  20. (They Long To Be)Close To You (“I Can’t Be With You” single-1995) NOTE: also included in the tribute “If I Were A Carpenter”-1994
  21. Yesterday’s Gone (“MTV Unplugged”-1995)
  22. Crazy (A classic country song by Patsi Cline-Live from “Free To Decide Tour”-1996)
  23. Go Your Own Way (“Legacy: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours”-1998)
  24. It's Only Rock N' Roll (Info taken from http://www.zombieguide.com: This song was a charity track featuring Dolores with various artists to benefit A Children's Promise. It's a Rolling Stones cover  “It's Only Rock N' Roll” single-1999)
  25. The Sweetest Thing (“Promises” single-1999)
  26. Paparazzi On Mopeds (“Animal Instinct” single-1999)
  27. Baby Blues (“Animal Instinct” single-1999)
  28. Such A Shame (“Just My Imagination” single-1999)
  29. Woman Without Pride (“Bury The Hatchet-The Complete Sessions”-2000)
  30. Many Days (available from the Official Cranberries site: http://www.cranberries.ie -2002) 
  31. Such A Waste (“This Is The Day” single-2002)

21. The following info is taken from Limerick Leader:

"The Cranberries are starring as part of a new cinematic short film entitled, "I'm From Limerick", created by the town in order to boost citizens' morale after a strong recent wave of bad press against the city. The video presents many native-born celebrities relating their pride in their identity as residents of Limerick.

"I'm from Limerick is a campaign whose message is directed at and for the people of Limerick. It is designed to impart a sense of identity and belonging, confidence and civic pride. The message itself - I'm from Limerick - is simply stated, yet lends itself to broad application and interpretation," related the city's center coordinator, Andrew Mawhinney.

The short film is being shown in the Irish city's cinemas until the end of the year, being placed before such blockbusters as Harry Potter II and Lord of the Rings II. The film is also being shown in primary (elementary) schools in the community, and the campaign also extends with posters and other propaganda.

Other local native celebrities joining The Cranberries include Frank McCourt, JP McManus, Ciarán Carey, Geri Maye, Sam Lynch, Mick Hanly, Vincent Browne, and Peter Clohessy. The Cranberries' famous track "Dreams" is the main musical feature in the film, several scenes from the song's music video included.

The city's Mayor John Cronin helped launch the video in the primary schools this past September, commenting, "I want... people to be more proud of being from Limerick than anything else, because they should be. I'm from Limerick and I've always been so proud of that and am delighted to tell anyone I meet that I'm from Limerick. I want to see others doing that too. This will have a huge impact on children. It will be right up their alley as it's snappy, enjoyable and not at all boring for them to watch."

Recent negative "outside" press has blighted the town's reputation, a trend which the campaign's organizers hope to reverse. "We are turning people's perception of how we view Limerick around, and are promoting Limerick as a wonderful place to live in."

Speaking of the people and personalities that appear in the video, Mawhinney commented that "The people in the video come from many walks of life, and were filmed in a variety of settings in Limerick city and county."

Both the campaign and the film, which will continue to run for several weeks, are being funded by both the EU Lodis Project and Dell Computers."



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