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Uncertain (1991) uncertain2(1991).jpg (97829 bytes)

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? (1993) everybody else is doing it(1993).jpg (51668 bytes)

No Need To Argue (1994) no need to argue(1994).jpg (19578 bytes)no need to argue(autographed)(1994).jpg (21777 bytes)

To The Faithful Departed (1996) to the faithful departed2(1996).jpg (50019 bytes)

Bury The Hatchet (1999) bury the hatchet(1999).jpg (20406 bytes)

Bury The Hatchet: The Complete Sessions (2000) complete sessions(2000).jpg (10102 bytes)

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee (2001) wake up and smell the coffee(2001).gif (31215 bytes)wake up and smell the coffee-international(2001).jpg (29541 bytes)wake up and smell the coffee-japancover(2001).jpg (34060 bytes)wake up and smell the coffee-northamericacover(2001).jpg (32712 bytes)wake up and smell the coffee-ukcover(2001).jpg (32724 bytes)

Stars: The Best of 1992-2002 (2002) Stars.jpg (33567 bytes)