the cranberries greatest moments

1989: THE CRANBERRY SAW US is formed with Noel and Mike Hogan, Fergal Lawler and the leader Niall Quinn. Their first gig takes place at "Flag Cafe" cafeteria, near Limerick, Ireland.

1990: Niall leaves the band and Dolores (a friend of Niall's wife) is audiotioned...the rest is history! LINGER and SUNDAY are the first songs the band created. Two demos are released: WATERCIRCLE and NOTHING LEFT AT ALL.

1991: THE CRANBERRY SAW US is now...guess what? THE C R A N B E R R I E S! The band releases the first EP called UNCERTAIN, including 8 tracks!

1992: DREAMS is released, it reaches only UK's #74, but later on it becomes one of their biggest hits to date!

1993: LINGER is released and becomes a big hit after a while, selling more than 1 million copies in USA alone! The band's debut album is finally released under the title: EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING IT, SO WHY CAN'T WE?!

1994: EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING IT, SO WHY CAN'T WE? goes to UK's #1 spot! The band participates in Woodstock II! ZOMBIE-the band's biggest and most controversial single is released and becomes an hymn to peace! NO NEED TO ARGUE album is released and ODE TO MY FAMILY becomes the second successful single! Dolores marries Don Burton-Duran Duran's former tour manager, wearing her knickers shoes!

1995: NO NEED TO ARGUE becomes a best-seller! I CAN'T BE WITH YOU and RIDICULOUS THOUGHTS are released as singles! MTV Unplugged takes place! The Cranberries win an MTV European Music award for ZOMBIE! DOORS AND WINDOWS CD-Rom is released!

1996: SALVATION-the anti-drug anthem is released as the first single off the third album TO THE FAITHFUL DEPARTED, an album that critics both loved and hated! FREE TO DECIDE is released as the second single and FREE TO DECIDE TOUR begins, only to end with problems due to Dolores' bad health! WHEN YOU'RE GONE becomes the third single! The album sells a disappointing number and marks the band's weakest period! Noel marries Catherine in Ireland!

1997: HOLLYWOOD is the final single released only in France! Fergal marries his longtime girlfriend Laurie in Limerick! Dolores gives birth to her first child, a boy called Taylor!

1998: Mike marries Siobhan in Limerick, after 9 years of relationship! The band performs at the Nobel Peace Prize concert!

1999: PROMISES is the harbinger of the new album BURY THE HATCHET! Both single and album, mostly the album, become worldwide hits (the album tops the charts in 17 countries)! LOUD AND CLEAR TOUR begins and proves to be a major success! ANIMAL INSTINCT is the second hit-single, followed by JUST MY IMAGINATION. Noel becomes a father-Catherine gives birth to a beautiful girl called Rachel!The DVD BENEATH THE SKIN: LIVE IN PARIS is released!

2000: Fergal's first child is born, it's a boy called Jacob! BURY THE HATCHET: THE COMPLETE SESSIONS album and YOU AND ME single are released! LOUD AND CLEAR TOUR ends and is marked with success!

2001: Two Cranberry girls and a boy are born! Dolores gives birth to Molly, her second child, and Noel's wife gives birth to Sophie!Mike becomes a proud dad of a son called Jamie Patrick!  ANALYSE is released as the first single from the band's 5th album WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! Dolores meets Pope John Paul II at the 9th annual Vatican Christmas charity concert!

2002: TIME IS TICKING OUT is the second single and the sales of the single go to Chernobyl's charity concert! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE TOUR begins and THIS IS THE DAY-the third and final single off the album, is released! TREASURE BOX: 1991-1999 is released and contains the band's first 4 studio albums with bonus tracks! STARS: THE BEST OF 1992-2002 is released, including the band's 17 singles, a non-single song voted by the fans (DAFFODIL LAMENT) and two new ones: STARS (the first single) and NEW NEW YORK. The STARS TOUR promoting the album begins!


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