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everybody else is doing it, so why can't we?
no need to argue
to the faithful departed
bury the hatchet
wake up and smell the coffee

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Last updated: Spring 2006                  News:      Angelo Badalamenti reveals the title of a new song that he's working with Dolores and might be included in the soundtrack of "Secrets of Love" movie, according to the magazine "Mix": "I just finished a new song with her called "The Butterfly," which is wonderful, that I'd like to get into a film. I'll start showing that to some directors now. She's a terrific talent, and she keeps sending me lyrics. We've never met. I work on music and send it back to her, and then once I get her key on the phone - she'll sing to me - then I'll do a track her, send it to her and then she'll do the vocal. Then she sends back to me, and I do the mix here, and that's that. That's how we work"                                                     "The Irish Echo" one of the most popular Irish-American newspaper included Cranberries' album "No Need to Argue" in the list of the most essential Irish albums                                                                Dolores' solo album is due in mid-2006 followed by a world tour, and as she said at her interview in Hot Press about the album "You might think, 'Oh, that's the same singer', but otherwise it's completely different to the Cranberries. Lyrically too, you wouldn't have written something as dark and personal as that with the boys."                                                                              The Cranberries are among the 12 artists that are included in Dublin's "Wall of Fame" exhibition.                                                                                              New releases include "The Cranberries Millennium Collection: 20th Century Masters" CD with 11 of their greatest hits and a 5-track DVD compilation with the videos for "Linger", "Zombie", "Salvation", "Ridiculous thoughts" and "Animal instinct"                                                                                            Cranberries' first video release "Live" in 1994, is now re-released on DVD under the title "Live in London"                                Dolores' projects available now:     "Mirror Lover" her collaboration with German duo Jam&Spoon from their album "Triplomatic Fairytales  3003", "Ave Maria" from "Songs Inspired by "The Passion of the Christ", "Puro Amore" with italian star Zucchero-from his duets album and DVD "Zucchero & Co.",  "Angels Go to Heaven" from the italian horror movie, "EvilEnko", the song was written by Dolores and Angelo Badalamenti, composer of the soundtracks for "Blue Velvet" and "Mullholland Drive". The soundtrack is released in Italy and also includes another song by Dolores, called "The Woodstrip/There's No Way Out                                                                 The album "Zucchero & Co." which includes Zucchero's duet with Dolores ("Puro Amore") was released in Europe and went straight to #1 in Italy and Switzerland. (Source: Zombieguide)                                    According to the World's End website, Dolores has recorded a new song called "Apple of My Eye" with producer Tim Palmer. No word yet on what the song might be used for.                                  VOTE for your favorite Cranberries song in each album in "Discography with lyrics" section!                                        Post anything you like about the Cranberries through our new MESSAGE BOARD!